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ANTIFA has been on everyone’s mind these days. They’ve prevented bands like Marduk and Taake from performing in certain US cities because of alleged fascist views; they’ve intimidated, threatened and vandalized their way into the consciousness of mainstream culture as well as the underground having been involved with the Charlottesville protests and sucker-punching alt-Right douchebag Richard Spencer which was captured on that viral Youtube clip that everyone was passing around.

The question is, are they actually doing any good?

 In this episode, I express my thoughts about ANTIFA. I thought I would get this out to you while I’m still able to speak my mind. I get into the following topics

  • The Battle of Cable Street
  • Is ANTIFA “is a major gift to the Right” as Noam Chomsky puts it?
  • Real fascist groups that are alive, well and gaining power in the United States
  • A slap in the face to Lenny Bruce and Max Hardcore
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