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Ralph and I explore the story behind one of the greatest American songwriters, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club.  Pierce may not be a household name for some of you, but his reach and influence has been profound in the realm of independent music.  If you enjoy X, The Cramps and Nick Cave, then the Gun Club is a band you should check out.

But don’t take our word, check out the Spotify playlist Ralph and I put together.

Intro:     “Unholy Passion Theme” – composed and recorded by Mike Hill

Outro:   “Moonlight Motel” – Gun Club

My bandmate Drew Murphy joins me to celebrate the Metallica album Load, which was released 25 years ago this year. 

Intro:   “All Roads Lead to Ruin” – composed and recorded by Mike Hill

Outro: “Until It Sleeps” – Metallica

A few weeks ago, Deadguy: Killing Music, the documentary on the legendary chaotic hardcore band, Deadguy, premiered at Underground Arts in Philly, the day before this year's Decibel Metal and Beer Festival. I was in attendance and had the opportunity of meeting William Saunders, the filmmaker that produced the documentary.

William joins us this week to discuss the making of Killing Music as well as the work he's done with his production company Fourth Media.

Intro:     "All Road Lead to Ruin" - composed and recorded by Mike Hill

Outro:   "Apparatus" - Deadguy


Ralph and I go deep with our appreciation of Sylvester “The Italian Stallion” Stallone, one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood.

Intro:     “Cobra” – Sylvester Lavey

Outro:   “When the Sun Goes Down, It Goes Down Forever” - Murderbait

This is another one of those special episodes where I got to kick with an old friend.  This week drummer extraordinaire Eric Komst joins us for what turned out to be more of a bullshit session between two old friends than a podcast episode.  EK has played with a legion of legendary bands including Sick of It All, Warzone, Wrecking Crew and others as well as a prolific session career.


Intro:     "All Road Lead to Ruin" - recorded and composed by Mike Hill

Outro:    "Deceive us No More" - Warzone

At least in our opinion, as cool as the early 90's Northwest sound was, the unsung heroes were two bands from Minneapolis that made their bones in the early 80's.  Can you guys who?


Intro:     "Everything Went Black Theme" - composed and recorded by Mike Hill

Outro:   "Kiss Me on the Bus" - Replacements

Mike McGinnis joins us again to discuss his new band Rid of Me.  If you’re an old school listener, you will remember that I had Mike on to talk about his former band Fight Amputation.  With Rid of Me, he joins forces with member of Soul Glo and Low Dose creating an angsty brew for fans of PJ Harvey, Wipers, early Replacements and Unwound. Check out their new LP "Traveling" and go see them on the road!


Intro:     “All Roads Lead to Ruin” – composed and recorded by Mike Hill

Outro:   “Broke Shit” – Rid of Me

True, all EWB episodes re special, but this one is SPECIAL!  Keith Huckins of Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye, Rorschach joins us to talk about the impending Deadguy reunion at this year’s Decibel Metal and Beer Fest in Philadelphia.  Check it out!

Intro:                    “Makeshift Atomsmasher” – Deadguy

Outr0:                  “Apparatus” - Deadguy

Back when I hosted Metal Matters, I featured a series of episodes on Goden on their masterpiece, 2019’s Beyond Darkness.  It was one of my top 5 records that year.  I’d like to welcome back Stephen Flam, the mastermind behind Goden. For the record Steph was also in the legendary Winter and later Thorn.  This is an epic so strap in and enjoy!


Intro:                    “All Roads Lead to Ruin” – written and composed by Mike Hill

Outro:                  “Twilight” - Goden

For any of you that also listen to Necromaniacs, our horror podcast, you’re probably familiar with Brandon.  He hosts the excellent Horror Wolf 666 podcast and blog, so if you’re into all things macabre, definitely check out his stuff.  We had a great time.


Intro:     “All Road Lead to Ruin” – composed and recorded by Mike Hill   

Outro:   “”Dead Letters” – Tripping the Mechanism

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