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Internal landscapes, self-reflection and addressing ghosts; these are all part of the grind of making it through these trying times.


Intro:                    “Sistinas” – Danzig

Outr0:                  “Friends are Evil” - Jesu

Waxing about Gun Club, moonlit drives and past heartaches. I'm coming at you with another end times transmission.


Intro:     "Moonlight Mote" - Gun Club

Outro:     "Realization" - Today is the Day

News on the new Tombs record, my second Covid-19 test and being composed in the hour of chaos.

Intro:          "Cenotaph" - Bolt Thrower

Outro:          "Deadheads" - Breach

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the world is on fire. I ruminate on life in quarantine, reflect on the tragic violence against people of color and share some of the daily happenings such as the new tombs record and the various books and movies I've been checking out.

Intro:    "Jose Tries to Leave" - Bambara

Outro:    "Bone Furnace" 

Jeff and I are back with another Plague Diary. It's a long, rambling episode that get dark at times.


Intro:           "Glowing Red Sun" - Goden

Outro:          "TormentORR" - Gehenna

Another week in lockdown. On this episode, I talk about my move to New Jersey, some fun facts about Richard Matheson, my current listening habits and a little MMA talk.


Intro:                    “TormentORR” - Gehenna

Outro:                  “Circle of Salt” – The Banner

My good friend and Necromaniacs co-host, Mike Scondotto, joins in for this episode of Plague Diary. We talk a little about the movies and books that we’ve getting into but our conversation veers off into our ideas about how the next few weeks and months are going to play out here in New York and the surrounding areas.


Anyway, stay safe and stay healthy.


Intro:                    “Shattered” – Paradise Lost

Outro:                  “Inner Conflict” - Carnivore

Time marches on and we’re all hanging in there, doing what we need to do to make thru this thing. My friend Mike De Guzman, Muay Thai coach, fitness coach and co-owner of Raktan Muay Thai in Long Island City, NY joins us for this episode. Mike is recovering from the Covid-19 virus and has shared his experiences dealing the virus and has also shared some of his thoughts and ideas about the severity of what we’re up against.

Apparently, around the time this episode, there is a growing opinion that this whole ordeal is part of a global conspiracy.  I’m not surprised that some people believe this, conspiracy theories about contagious disease and pandemics are nothing new. If you believe this, fine that’s your freedom, but please continue to stay home. Don’t become a statistic!


Intro:                    “Alarma” – Breach

Outro:                  “Would” – Alice in Chains

More reflections on life indoors during quarantine.


Intro:     "Wither" - Skinyard

Outro:     "Bed of Roses" - Screaming Trees

More thoughts and impressions from behind the cast iron wall of isolation.


Intro:     "Circle of Guilt" - Kreig

Outro:     "Angel Blake" - Necrophagia

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