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Jeff and I are back with another movie episode. Be give out rundown on Richard Stanley's "Color Out of Space" his long-awaited return to feature films. We also talk about "The House that Jack Built" a movie that Jeff cited as one of the best films of the last decade which, much to my chagrin, I just got around to watching.


Intro:          "Yellow Sky" - Deth Crux

Outro:          "Spectre" - Former Worlds

I’ve known Jeff for a long, long time; uncomfortable long.  In addition to being the former bassist for the legendary band, Isis, Jeff is a horror movie fanatic like me so we took this opportunity to catch up and talk about our favorite horror movies of the past decade.


Intro:                    “Memories” – Johann Johannsson

Outro:                  “Escape from the Train” - Hildur Guanadottir

162: Joker

Happy New Year Everyone.  One of my best friends Ralph Schmidt of the excellent band Ultha, joins us for a trans-Atlantic discussion of one of mutually favorite movies of the past year, the Todd Phillip's directed Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. Despite the "woke" crowd denouncing the movie as "just another angry White Man" movie, the film killed it at the box office pulling in over a billion dollars. We touch on some important social topics such as the increasing move toward a "new conservatism" and cancel culture. Dig in!


Intro / Outro:  Ultha "No Fire, Only Smoke"

Not only is it the end of the year, but it's the end of another decade.  I run this episode solo and list my top 10 records of the last decade as well as some ruminations of where we are as a culture in my opinion.

Halloween, by far is my favorite time of the year. It has it's own soundtrack that accompanies the darkening skies and is a primer for winter, the mightiest season. My good friend, Ron Martinez, the vocalist of the legendary Final Conflict, bassist in The Lower Class Brats and the man behind Crawlspace Booking joins me for a recollection of our favorite music and movies that capture this beautiful time of year. Oh yeah, this is the "director's cut" of the Metal Matters episode that went up a few days ago. Ron and I went deep.


Intro:     "Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult

Outro:    "Halloween" - Samhain


A few week’s ago, I reviewed “Knucklehead” the debut novel by Adam Smyers.  Through the magic of social media, Adam and I were able to connect and he was kind enough to be this week’s guest.

Adam is an attorney, martial artist and self-proclaimed mediocre bassist. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and cats. Knucklehead was the sole title shortlisted for the 2018 Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence.

Intro:          "Scarecrow" - Ministry

Outro:          "Stay Close to Me" - Bad Brains


When I was a kid, New Wave was starting to seep into the minds of suburban youth across the country. The Cars were the first band that I cam across that deflected me from my steady diet of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.  When I heard of Ric Ocasek’s passing, I felt like I should put out an episode reflecting the impact his music had on me during the formative years of my life

Intro:          "Since You're Gone"

Outro:         "Drive"


Knucklehead – Adam Smyer

In addition my normal reflections on an abnormal world, I review “Knucklehead” the debut novel by Adam Smyer. It was one of those books that stayed with me days, weeks after I read it.

Check it out!


Intro:                    “Cleaved Asunder” – Diocletian

Outro:                  “Don’t Give in” – Cro Mags


In this episode I bring everybody up to speed with some band-related news on new records, and what it’s like to have a regular job after three years of being a hunter-gatherer.  Also, as a bonus, we have Eugene Robinson talking about his “Watcher” concept and his interesting beliefs about past lives. Initially this was going to be the next “Night Talk” episode but a bag phone connection and some less-than-acceptable audio quality stood in my way.


Intro:                    “Cleaved Asunder” – Diocletian

Outro:                  “Next to Nothing” – Savage Republic

Welcome to Night Talk, a podcast dedicated to hidden knowledge, the occult, paranormal and the shadowy corners of our lives.


Witchcraft has been in our vernacular for centuries, but often misunderstood; misunderstood at times to a dire extent. Atrocities such as the Salem Witch Trials and European persecution has plagued the witch for time immemorial.


These days there seems to be a renaissance of witchcraft and the occult as it enters modern consciousness. You can see it in media, art and music. Could we be moving into a new era of awareness.


Cat Cabral, my guest for this episode is a practicing witch, Tarot reader and occultist. We had a great conversation about the her journey as a practicing witch as well as the different philosophies and practices that she utilizes on a regular basis.


You can find Cat on the web at https://moonagemagic.com/ where you can find out more about her classes, publications or even book a Taro reading.


Intro / Outro: “Dark River” - Coil

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