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I’ve known Terry Taylor for, by my estimation, 20 years plus.  We met back in my Anodyne days when we toured with his band Caligari. Over the years our paths have crossed on the long winding road.  Most recently, Terry co-own 1313 Mockingbird Lane with his wife Liz, in Lawrence, KS.  Though we spend a lot of time talking about the shop, we also get into deeper topics that will resonate with a lot of you. We all have our own stories over the past two plus years of pandemic life and Terry shares his.

Intro:                    “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:                  “Halloween” - Misfits

My friend Paul Aloisio of Restless Spirit joins us this week to talk about our picks for most disturbing movies; not necessarily the scariest, but the most DISTURBING.

Tombs and Restless Spirit toured the east coast earlier this year.  They rule, so check them out!

Intro”    “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:  “Cascade Immolator” – Restless Spirit

Welcome to the pilot episode of Hollywood Babylon, our “movie classics” sub-series that I am cohosting with my friend Evan Hopper of Quell.  HB will live on our Patreon channel but this pilot is available to everyone to check out.


This week, we dig deep into Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now from 1979.  We go deep into the themes and give out interpretations of some of the possible subtexts that are lurking between the lines of the narrative.




Intro / Outro:     “Hollywood Babylon Theme” – Evan Hopper

This is the End of the Harvest Playlist Episode, November Coming Fire.  Jacob Curwen of All Hell joins us this week. We collaborated on a playlist, run down the songs and shoot the shit. This episode has two outros! Two of the mightiest Halloween songs ever, “To Walk the Night” by Samhain and “Ghost Walking” by the Might Sphincter are absent from Spotify and since we use that platform to do these collabs, for fun, I threw them on the end of the episode.


Intro:     “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:   “To Walk the Night” – Samhain

               “Ghost Walking” – The Mighty Sphincter

Holy Circle returns this week to talk about their forthcoming record “Don’t’ Disturb My Waking Dream” available on Deathbomb Arc on November 11.  Terence Hannum, Erica Burner-Hannum, Rob Savillo and Nathan Jurgenson, the complete band are part of the session for a very cool insight into the band and their unique creative process.


Intro:     “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:   “No Twilight, No Dusk” – The Holy Circle

Due to some unexpected circumstances, we will not have a new episode this week. Instead, I’m digging up an episode from the murky past.  Episode 10 posted on October 27, 2011; it was a “Halloween Episode” featuring Mike Scondotto who, if you have been listening to Necromaniacs, should be a household name. Mike is also the frontman of Inhuman and The Last Stand, two excellent NYHC bands.


We’ll be back next week with a new episode, so enjoy and hopefully you guys get a kick out of this oldie.

J Bennet, rock music journalist, musician and old friend joins us once again.  It’s October and Halloween is around the corner.  J and I compiled a playlist of some of our favorite tracks that help us get in the All Hallows’ Eve spirit.


Intro:    “All of the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:  “To Walk the Night” - Samhain

Ralph Schmidt returns to the regular stream this week! A while back we did an episode on Fields of the Nephilim, one of our mutually favorite bands.  This episode is a follow up to that discussion. During the band’s hiatus in the mid-90’s, Carl McCoy formed The Nefilim and release Zoon, their only album.  It’s a unique coda in his career, that often times goes overlooked despite its far reaching influence.


Intro:    “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:  “Venus Decomposing” – The Nefilim

Paul Aloisio of Restless Spirit returns!  In addition to our love of music, Paul and I are major horror fans.  With the release of the latest Hellraiser looming, it was timely that we give out reflections on the Hellraiser franchise, the excellent Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart, and expectations of the new movie.


Intro:    “All the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:  “Hellraiser” - Motorhead

This week we have an epic. Jackie Smit of Into the Necrosphere joins us for a deep discussion that needed to happen in response to some of the Black Metal Old Guard, specifically Ihsahn, stating that the genre is dead. For the record, I am a massive Ihsahn fan, Emperor are one of the bands that have influenced my creative output on a profound level.


Black Metal is probably the most progressive form of extreme music. Jackie and I give examples of how the genre has continued to raise the bar with each year, and give examples of some of the luminary bands that continue to elevate Black Metal and extreme music in general.


Intro:    “All of the Dark Things” – Mike Hill

Outro:  “The Far Bank at the River Styx” – Panzerfaust

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