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I’m back with a new mission statement for Everything Went Black. Welcome to the debut episode of Night Talk, a new series on the EWB podcast channel. We will be focusing on the occult, paranormal and esoterica; for long time listeners of the show, these aren’t necessarily new topics but in the coming months, we’ll be spending a lot more time exploring the darker recesses of philosophy and practice.


Welcome Tom Holzer and Barry Pirro, two tri-state area-based Paranormal Investigators.


Barry Pirro is a paranormal investigator with over 12 years experience. He has conducted hundreds of investigations at haunted locations in and around Connecticut, and has been a consultant for the paranormal TV shows Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, and Paranormal Survivor. Barry lectures extensively about the paranormal, and he has been interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows, and podcasts. His website ConnecticutGhostHunter.com is one of the top paranormal websites in Connecticut. 


Barry's partner, Tom Holzer, contributes the quantitative aspect to the effort, employing measurement, audio and video techniques and a decided scientific approach. Together, they seek to provide understanding and guidance to their clients.


For more information, EVP audio clips (ghost voices), case files, true ghost stories, and contact information visit ConnecticutGhostHunter.com 


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