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I’m back with a new mission statement for Everything Went Black. Welcome to the debut episode of Night Talk, a new series on the EWB podcast channel. We will be focusing on the occult, paranormal and esoterica; for long time listeners of the show, these aren’t necessarily new topics but in the coming months, we’ll be spending a lot more time exploring the darker recesses of philosophy and practice.


Welcome Tom Holzer and Barry Pirro, two tri-state area-based Paranormal Investigators.


Barry Pirro is a paranormal investigator with over 12 years experience. He has conducted hundreds of investigations at haunted locations in and around Connecticut, and has been a consultant for the paranormal TV shows Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, and Paranormal Survivor. Barry lectures extensively about the paranormal, and he has been interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows, and podcasts. His website ConnecticutGhostHunter.com is one of the top paranormal websites in Connecticut. 


Barry's partner, Tom Holzer, contributes the quantitative aspect to the effort, employing measurement, audio and video techniques and a decided scientific approach. Together, they seek to provide understanding and guidance to their clients.


For more information, EVP audio clips (ghost voices), case files, true ghost stories, and contact information visit ConnecticutGhostHunter.com 


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I’m going to log my opinion about the Jonas Ackerlund biopic Lords of Chaos, a film that has apparently been in the works for 20 plus years. I’m sure a lot of you have your opinions about this film as well. Initially, I was dubious about this film even existing, but ultimately I think as a fan of the music, it’s an important film to at least check out and comment on it.


Listen and feel free to contact me with your comments and thoughts.

I’ve counted Ryan Patterson part of my inner circle of friends for over 2 decades, having met him back in the late 90’s when he was playing in a band called The National Acrobat. I’ve been tracking his career ever since, through a series of great bands including Coliseum, Black Cross among others. Ryan’s newest creative output is manifested in Fotocrime who’s debut LP “Principle of Pain” was released on his own Auxiliary Records in the US and Golden Antenna in Europe.


Ryan and I get into all of the music stuff as well as some significant changes that have effected his life.


Intro:  “Gods in the Dark” – Fotocrime

Outro: “Love in the Dark” - Fotocrime

Hey guys, this is the 2018 Wrap Up. It was a year of challenges for me and I talk about how I had to change my mindset to get through it. Life is good and I look forward to the opportunities of 2019.


Intro: “Everything I Want”

Outro: “Alarma” - Breach

It’s another solo episode. My new show Metal Matters is about to drop on iTunes, Stitcher and wherever you listen to podcasts. I talk about the new show and how it will impact Everything Went Black and Necromaniacs. Metal Matters is part of the Gimme Radio music platform and will cover much of the same stuff I cover on Everything Went Black, so I’m going to have to evolve, grow and expand. Let me know your thoughts, I’m all ears!



Intro: “Oblivion” – Atriarch

Outro: “Come to Daddy” – Aphex Twin

Jason Hellmann and I have been friends for close to two decades. We met during the late 90’s in Boston when I started seeing him shooting photos at a lot of the shows I went to. Hellmann, in my estimation, was one of the best photographers to document the early Hydrahead, late-90’s New England hardcore metal scene. More recently, the has been embarking on these Jack London-esque adventures to far flung corners of the globe. Ever wonder what it’s like to be trapped on the ice? Or what it’s like to be incarcerated in Iran? Check out this episode and find out.

Voting in a privilege, not a right and despite the cynicism that the system is “fucked”, we should all go out there and at least try. I start the episode off by sharing a story of voter suppression that I recently experienced when I tried to update my voter registration.


Afterwards, I share my thoughts on the recent events that happened at the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor over the past weekend and how it ties into the ideas of Dana White and racial bias.


Intro: “Man on the Silver Mountain” – Rainbow

Outro: “Fuck the Universe” - Craft

It's been a while since we last spoke. I'd like to thank everyone for hanging in there. In this solo episode I bring you guys up to speed with what I was up to during the summer break as well as discuss the recent dates with Eyehategod and The Obsessed

When I started doing this, the most important thing to me was communication. We can’t all have the same ideas and opinions about things. These days, everyone seems to be at each other’s throats, pointing finger, blaming and drawing lines in the sand. There is a lot of evil in the world, so it’s important to remember that we all have a lot more in common than we care to think. To me it’s important to find that common ground and go from there.


Intro; “Dark River” – Coil

Outro: “Planets Collide” – Crowbar

The idea for this episode came from Patreon. We talk about music and movies a lot on this show, so we're going to take a different approach and talk about some important books, short stories and poems that have helped lead me down this path.  Hopefully they can help you out as well.

Reading List:

  1. Roll the Dice – Charles Bukowski
  1. Ask the Dust – John Fante
  1. Discipline Equals Freedom – Jocko Willink
  1. Nick Adams Stories – Ernest Hemingway
  1. The Road – Cormac McCarthy
  1. Ham on Rye – Charles Bukowski
  1. The War of Art – Steven Pressfield
  1. Food of the Gods – Terence McKenna
  1. Supernatural – Graham Hancock
  1. All of HP Lovecraft
  1. The Executioner’s Song – Norman Mailer
  1. In Cold Blood – Truman Capote
  1. In the Belly of the Beast – Jack Henry Abbott
  2. The Shining – Stephen King
  3. The Ritual – Adam Nevil

Intro : "Man on the Silver Mountain" - Rainbow

Outro: "Dark River" - Coil

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